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Culinaria Event Highlight: Women & Whiskey

Culinaria Event Highlight: Women & Whiskey

For Culinaria, we’ve slowly been returning to events and while some have stayed the same, we’ve also added new ones along the way.

Luckily, for patrons and restaurants, we were able to continue with Restaurant Weeks on schedule, and many relied heavily on the To-Go option. This allowed restaurants the opportunity to stay busy and keep the doors open, while also employing staff.

In addition, we introduced our Chef Swap Dinner Series and Women & Whiskey. We’ve also started adding back more events including our Hallowine Run in October and just recently, our 5k Wine Run.

Women & Whiskey was such a hit that we’re happy to continue bringing that to our audience with La Cantera Resort & Spa. It’s been a treat to highlight whiskey and bourbon producers, both in Texas and throughout the county, with the inclusion of women involved in the spirit production.

As we adapt our events moving forward, we have made a few adjustments to Women & Whiskey for this year. Continuing with our third Thursday tradition, we are focused on offering the in-depth and select tastings through the Master Class opportunity, which gives attendees a better chance to learn from those in the trade in a more intimate setting.

While we are now charging a minimal fee for the Whiskey Social Hour, patrons will find that the ticket fee directly benefits Culinaria and allows for a bit more control over the attendance. Ticket purchases include tastings – both neat and a cocktail sample (when applicable) as well as a pairing bite, if available. Each session looks a bit different and reflects the brand being presented.

And, while the title refers to women, we welcome men, too!

If you haven’t had a chance to join us for one of the sessions, we invite you to look at the upcoming schedule and make plans to attend. Visit for the schedule and to purchase tickets.

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